Thursday, October 21, 2010

My First Birthday in Africa!

OK, sometimes we go out to eat for our birthday, sometimes we receive gifts, sometimes we go see a show, well, I went to Africa for my birthday this year! How was it you ask? It was Great!

I received hugs from children and many handmade cards. Many of you also sent me electronic birthday wishes and I thank you greatly for them. Travis took me to dinner at a local restaurant and we had a nice meal. The day actually started with 2 very long meetings that lasted until about 1:30. Then I went to town with one of the staff to look for curtains for the house parent side of the transition home for the oldest children. They have not yet moved in but we are hoping and praying that we are getting very close.

Wednesday and Thursday morning we had a training to review the law and the standards for the children’s home. It was very informative and Sylvia, the trainer, really blessed our lives and we are looking forward to more meaningful interaction with her. God does not set up these meetings for nothing. We know that she is a part of this ministry and will be helpful for us and the children and staff.

She lives near the capital which is several hours away but she is certainly interested in these children and this area (the Caprivi Strip in Katima). She invited us to come to a local pastors meeting this afternoon where she introduced us and we had the opportunity to talk a little bit about why we are here and how we got here and what our goals are. It is so exciting that in the 9 days that we have been here, we have already been to the royal establishment and attended a local pastors meeting.

Remember, this has NOTHING to do with us! It is ALL GOD!!! He has prepared the way for us and continues to pave the path.

Exodus 23: 20 See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared.”

Yesterday afternoon, I took my second child to the hospital. It is always an experience at the hospital and I hate to see our children sick or in pain. Please continue to pray for Isaac (who was on last weeks hospital run and is feeling better but still not well) and Berina.

OK, that makes 3 trips driving to town “independently” for me!

Next week we have lots of visitors so please pray for their travel and time here. Ray is coming from Maryland. He and his wife Deb, served 6 months here as the interim director prior to Dave (who is here with us now). Darrell and Richard are coming Tues from The Mission Society (our sending agency). They are currently in South Africa attending a conference so they are close enough to come and visit to both see the site and check up on us We are excited to see all 3!

Saturday we plan to attend a local village church with some of the children who have been going there some. The service is from 9am until about 2pm. We will still have our traditional service here on Sunday morning.

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