Sunday, November 14, 2010

Community Connection

On Tuesday we had lots of visitors. We had about 10 pastors, that we met at a pastors meeting, come to visit the village. They received a tour and were welcomed. Some had worked on building the buildings here and some remembered when there were herds of elephants here. They were welcomed back any time and also we encouraged them to come on a Sunday to preach to the children (and us!)

About the time they were leaving 2 people came from a non-profit organization that are looking at making an investment in orphanages in the Kaprivi Region. She was serving as a representation for a friend that lives in Germany. Someone was with her from the ministry of forestry. He offered a few suggestions to us as far as poultry and farming. They seemed impressed with the village and loved the setting of the property.

On Monday and Tuesday the children practiced hard for a concert for the Chief Indunas that visited on Thursday. The children were wonderful and did a great job to welcome the special guests. They said they have never had the opportunity to meet or perform for these people.


 The managers were also excited to be included in our meeting after the tour and concert. We were able to serve them a homemade apple cake and their favorite drinks – either Coke or Orange Fanta. They were all very happy with the reception they received and what they saw here. This is a huge blessing to be accepted by the local tribe!! See our website photo gallery for more photos and video (

FRIDAY WAS OUR 6th ANNIVERSARY!!!! We started the day by taking 14 of the children to town where presidents from Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe visiting. It was a once in a lifetime experience. (See our website photo gallery for more pictures)

 They have created a NamPower Plant in the Kaprivi that is to join these countries such that when there is a power outage it will connect to another country for power. Now, we are thrilled about this since just this week 3/5 evenings/nights the power was out for several hours. Since we stayed over lunch, the 2 of us walked to the store to buy the children (and us) water and bread.

We got back to the village about 3:30 and needed to turn around and take 2 children to the hospital. We planned to have a quite date evening together and go for dinner. Well, since the presidents were here the “big 3” restaurants were not serving to the locals.

 So, we came back home and popped frozen pizza in the oven. It was rather funny. Our first anniversary in Africa.

We took 3 children horseback riding on Saturday morning at 6:45.  It was something these children used to do a lot but have not done for a long time.  There used to be horses here so some really love the horses and they were so happy and grateful to be able to ride again.  Even though it was an early morning call, it was well worth it to see the joy in their eyes!


 Daily rain has started. Please pray that the river does not flood it’s banks and our village and roads this year! This creates a lot of danger with snakes, crocks, and hippos not to mention disease and the potential for evacuation of 58 children!!!



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