Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Did you know??

Did you know that when you have employees (such as us) you have to go into town to the “cash window”, stand in line and pay in EXACT CASH the Social Security taxes for your employees (that is of course after doing the calculation and filling out the form and getting the exact cash). Just wondered if you knew that we successfully completed our first transaction.

Did you know that we had 9 children graduate from Vocational School.  They worked on sewing, joinery (woodworking), or brick laying. 

Did you know that we need to take 5ft canisters to get them filled with propane for the children’s home kitchen? Travis and Leonard did that yesterday.

Did you know that we were so blessed by several choirs on Saturday?! We transported 23 young people from the local SDA church (the one that we visited when we rode part way in the macolo – canoe) in the van to a local competition. They sang the entire way there and back! Beautiful!!!!!! We went early to pick them up so we could hear some of the other choirs. They placed us right in the front of the church. It was so HOT but what a blessing these choirs were. More photos will be posted in the photo gallery on our web site soon.


 Did you know I started beading with some of the children? For the older girls I taught them how to make paper beads and 2 have already finished bracelets that are beautiful!!! I give the younger ones the plastic beads to make their bracelets.


Did you know that 2 car loads of Pastors stopped me along the road. There were probably 12.  We all got out and met and shook hands and they said they were just at our house to visit.  We were all just in the middle of the road!!  Can you imagine?
Did you know that there is now an outdoor office? Fine furniture!

Did you know – We saw our first snake today!!!! It was 2+ meters!! Good news, it was on the road and it was already dead. Praise!!!

Did you know that we have a white "guard frog" living on our window ledge??

Did you know that we have 58 children that we love a LOT!??

 Did you know this is what our Sunday morning church service looks like?

Did you know we have spectacular sunsets over the river in our back yard in Africa??


Did you know that we love you and you are in our hearts and prayers? You ARE!!!

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