Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This week... so far...

Monday morning we had devotionals with the staff (this happens every Mon, Tues and Thurs) at 8am. We sing a few songs and take turns reading a scripture or doing a short inspirational message to help us get started with God in our hearts and minds.

Each Monday morning we take food (shema, meat, oil, sugar, flour, salt and soap) to a nearby place called Mafuta where wonderful ladies cook a meal for children (orphans). This might be the only meal of the day or maybe the week. It is amazing. The children come from school right across the road and they line up quietly. They wait and then they pray. They all wash their hands in a pail of water. Then the ladies have dished up food and they eat. After they eat they wash their dish in the pail of water. It is a humbling experience.
 This day was especially interesting. It was our first day “on our own” and we got stuck in the sand!! Many of the children ran to help push. Well, we did get out and it was a riot because initially we just kept going deeper and deeper. Now we know. I am sure it will not be the last time we get stuck in the sand but I know we were blessed with many helpers to “dig” us out!!!

We picked up one vehicle and how we have dropped off another for clutch repair.

We did the week of grocery shopping for the children’s home. WOW!! That is a lot of stuff and because of the dollar exchange, it really feels even bigger than it is. When you spend over 5000 in one shopping trip, that is just a lot!

Tuesday was graduation for 9 of our oldest children from Vocation School. They learned brick laying, wood work or sewing. We had to do a bit of shopping for the girls so they could look extra nice for the big event. The boys wore nice shirts and pants (their school uniform). We are excited for the brick layers to help us design a traditional outdoor cooking area. To help them celebrate, after the ceremony we took them to a local restaurant for sodas and fries. We hope they continue to the next level and practice using their skills for a good job and successful future.

Today we had 2 more children at the hospital. One ended up with a big half cast for a broken toe! It was amazing that he put something so big on her whole foot and ankle for a broken toe!

We have been encountering several electrical issues and today was another one of those days. Our local electrician (along with our car mechanic) is becoming one of our good friends very fast. He had to come back today because we could not keep power at our house. All is good and I am working in the light now!!

We give thanks for the people that God is putting in our path and in our lives!

OUR HOUSE IS SOLD!!!!!!!!   

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