Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our contanier has ARRIVED!

Well, today our container arrived. It was supposed to come yesterday, but you know, this is Africa.

The truck driver made it down our road and over the bridge (amazing) and then he pulled into our neighbors camp ground because he did not think he could come the rest of the way in. Well, our neighbor was not very excited about the big truck on his bricks. The plan was for us to come with our trailer and off load there. But, since he was not happy, we decided that was not a good idea. So the truck driver (Joshua) decided to come on in. It was great. He made it through and only took out one small tree. Then he made the turn to come to our house and the truck started sinking, and sinking, and sinking…


Well, the front tire was very deep in the mud and the back tires were not helping but they were sinking too. So, they starting digging and putting tree branches and wood planks and anything we could think of to leverage the truck. They even took the container off to lighten the load. Nothing was working.

Sooo… some ventured out to our neighbors knowing that we lived close to the brick making company and that he had good, big machinery.
Well, he came over to look at the situation and of course, “for a price” he would come back with his tractor. The tractor pulled the truck out but it was not the first try.
We saw the wheels of the tractor sinking and it became concerning, but God was present and with us the whole time. The truck was out and we unloading with the help of our strong boys.

Milinga (one of our deaf boys) got instructions to put the container back on the truck. He was thrilled with this opportunity that the driver (Joshua) gave him. Joshua also gave him his South Africa Soccer wrist bracelet. We had the opportunity to share about how God is working in the village and His love for each of us and his protection that he gives and the needs that He provides for.


Although the unloading took longer than it should have and there were many complications, God was present and it gave us an opportunity to share about His love and His faithfulness. We now have new “trucker” friends that we will visit next time we head toward the coast. We know that God will Bless them and protect them as the drive from journey to journey. We are thankful for them and the service and love that they showed here today.

In ALL things GIVE THANKS!!!  Rain, Flood, Truck Drivers, MUD, 59 children, Family, and Friends!!!!!
Praise GOD!!!! 

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  1. I guess the next time you have a day with nothing exciting happening will be the first time. I imagine you find yourself becoming more stressed with each day, or calmer with each day. I sure hope it is "calmer".

    Peace be with you!