Saturday, August 27, 2011

HERO’S DAY in the Caprivi Strip

Today we took several of our children to the sports complex for a Hero’s Day Celebration.  It included speeches about being proud of who you are and where you are from and what you can do to STOP HIV AIDS here since it is one of the largest populations.  It included many traditional dance groups which is always fun to watch.  Enjoy just a few of our pictures below.

A few of our children:

DSC_1024  DSC_1030  P1180231


P1180230                    P1180233                     P1180232

The concession stands Smile  Mostly candy, air time for mobile phones and fat cakes! 

P1180239   DSC_1015  P1180242

The dancers:

DSC_1071     DSC_1052      DSC_1101

DSC_1127  DSC_1178  P1180272

The Stadium:

P1180245      P1180276     P1180241

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