Sunday, August 28, 2011

Support to the Rice Project

We “happened upon” a rice project one day when we ventured to a nearby lodge.  We stopped in to ask about the rice and prices. It started in 2009 and provide jobs for some ladies.  Based on the cheap price of the rice compared to the grocery store and what we pay for the rice for the children, we decided to try it.  So, we bought a 50kg bag to start Smile  The only difference when cooking is that you have to wash it.  Now, when you look at the water, you kind of worry about eating it but you just keep washing it and let it sit for a while in warm water and it is DELICIOUS!!!!!  It is now my favorite thing to have! 

So to share with you, here are some pictures of the wonderful ladies that are sorting the rice.  They are blessed to have this place of employment and we will pray for them and the success of the project.

When you come to visit us in Africa, we will also let you taste the rice and give your own opinion! 


DSC_0873   DSC_0875  DSC_0878  DSC_0877

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