Thursday, September 15, 2011

Energy and activity at the Epiphany Transition Home

God has blessed the children with a transition home where the oldest one move and learn how to function and live more independently.  This home was built a couple of years ago but finding the right national couple to be the house parents was difficult.  Finally, we felt that God was calling one of our current staff and his wife to be the house parents.  We were so excited when they accepted the challenge on a “trial” basis. 

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So, when the Epiphany team was here from Epiphany UMC in Ohio, they (along side some of our children)finished painting the outside and started cleaning the grounds around the home.  We shifted furniture that we could to start out.  We purchased some basics.  AND, last weekend, the 12 older children moved.  Now, this house is not very far.  It is a short walking distance (almost like us walking from our house to the children’s home).  It is outside the gate that leads into the property. 

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They are gathering fire wood and cooking their own 3 meals outside over the fire on their own.  They are doing their own laundry by hand (which they have been doing), they are cleaning and trying to keep their rooms neat (at neat as teenagers think they need to be) and also attending school that starts at 7am and attending church with us at Zion on Sundays (as before).  So far, they are enjoying the new parts of their adventure. 

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They seem to think that it is too quite without an additional 8 people in their room (there is now 2 per room with 6 boys and 6 girls total) and there has been a lot of foot traffic up and down the road to see each other and determine who is eating the best meal (which is most important of course).  They will be starting their own garden plot and having Bible studies with the house parents along with learning how to budget and purchase what they need. 

Now that one of the puppies is back with the house parents, our dogs have totally abandoned us:(  They just stay at that side and we hardly see them.  Traders!!


We thank God that these older children will be more prepared to go into the world and be successful. With this learning time and God’s help, they will be good Namibian citizens that will hopefully bring others to know and love the Lord!!! 

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