Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving and Birthday at COZV

In ALL things GIVE THANKS!!!  So in Namibia, they do not celebrate Thanksgiving as we do in the states.  But, thanksgiving should be every day so, it was another day at Zion and another day to be thankful.  God has been and continues to be GOOD!  We had many errands to accomplish that day.  So many that Lorna had to get the volunteer, Laura, to fill in for her at the school (since she usually teaches there on Tues and Thurs mornings). 

I know that you are all wondering what we had to eat.  Well, it was a nice meal of chicken (actually we could have bought a turkey but they were so expensive that we opted for the cheaper version – chicken), corn on the cob, potato wedges and garlic rolls.  We don’t have pumpkins yet in the garden but when we do, we will catch up on the pumpkin pie :)  We enjoyed dinner and the evening with our friends and volunteers from Australia and Laura from the states. 

P1190531          P1190534

Travis celebrated his birthday in style on Friday.  I ask the ladies to sing a song because they just have beautiful voices.  Well, they gave him a CONCERT!  It was wonderful.  I made chocolate (of course) cupcakes and we all enjoyed them.  Then the children made cards and gave them to Travis later in the day. 

P1190543 P1190557 P1190614

Since it was Friday (our typical date night) we went out to dinner. He was celebrated there with the owner and her daughter and a big piece of carrot cake and a big candle. God Blessed Travis on his special day! Thank you all for the many greetings that came on facebook and email and even snail mail!!

           P1190652                               P1190515

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