Saturday, November 12, 2011

Zion small children go to church camp.

There is a team here from Pennsylvania and they are working with a missionary that is living on the coast (yes far from us).  They have been traveling a bit through Katima and visiting villages and having fun spreading the word of God.  We met the missionary one evening and he told us about a camp they were going to be doing here in November.  Then on Thursday he called and ask if the team could visit on Friday afternoon. We were excited to have them.  They sang some songs with the children, put on a couple of skits, played a bit of volley ball and made some balloon art.  It was a wonderful time.

 P1190449  P1190445  P1190448

They also put together a camp here in Katima Mulilo.  We had the opportunity to register our small ones ages 8-12.  That included 11 of our children.  So, last evening we dropped our children at camp for the weekend.  We are excited about how God will work through this team and minister to about 60 children total. 

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Since the 3 that are about 6 years old were a bit lonely and disappointed as their friends packed to go camping, we took them to town today.  They looked and things and wanted to buy most everything (even an umbrella because it is so hot) but they ended up with and enjoyable ice cream cone! 

Happy Anniversary to us as we celebrated ice cream with them.

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