Saturday, December 17, 2011

End of School Celebration

Thursday, December 8th marked the end of the school and a big celebration except for the closing devotions that were done by Travis and Lorna on Friday morning

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What a wonderful day.  This year was bigger and better than last year.  We transported all of our learners and staff into town to LA town hall where we had our celebration. We were so proud of our learners.  They sang, danced, had a couple of dramas and collected their awards. Even the little children did a wonderful job performing.  There were several invited guests that also attended.  We had about 12 people at the high table and they also participated in the celebration.

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After a full morning of celebration we transported several car loads back to the village through the now muddy road for a wonderful lunch.  We got a cow leg and it was on the braai cooking and was served with pap and soup for gravy.  Back to holiday baking so that we could finish with a couple of home baked cookies.  Yummmm…

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