Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Home for the holidays for our children

It becomes a bit quiet here at Zion as the children go to their villages with family for the holidays.  It is a mixture of emotions for them I think. They get excited about going but then they get scared when the time comes.  Some shed a few tears at the initial drop off (especially the younger ones) but they all seem to enjoy their visit and also coming back at Zion.  The drive is long and it takes us 2 days to get them all dropped off.  The first day was to the far western Caprivi and we were on the road for 12.5 hours.  We even packed all of the luggage in the trailer or it would have been a 3 day event.  It also rained most of the drive. The second day we split the drive with the volunteers and we were all back in about 6 hours.  There are still 7 children here – the 3 youngest plus a few of the older boys.  We will look forward to having Christmas day with our small family here. 

P1190961  P1190963 P1190975

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