Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It is better to give than to receive.

We are blessed by your contributions to be able to travel to a nearby feeding center and take food for children that are orphaned or vulnerable but do not have the privilege to be living at Children of Zion.  It is only because God placed this on your heart that we have funding to give back to this community.  On Dec 19 we went with our volunteers and the few children that are still staying at Zion and went to celebrate Christmas with the children and volunteers at Mafuta.  We took chicken, macaroni, rice and cabbage.  The meal was blessed and the day was amazing.  Also, many of you have sent beanie babies.  We had enough to give 70 children, 10 staff and left 24 for the pre-school.  WOW!   God is GOOD!  We even had some donations of books from Real Way Down when they were here.  We were able to give to the pre-school.  Bridgett said that books were her prayer for the school and she was dancing praises! 

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We shared about the meaning of Christmas and the meaning of Christ’s love and that each one of us is special and there is a special plan for our lives when we listen, obey and follow Jesus.  We prayed, sang ate and even had a little soccer going in the road. 

Our 4 boys that went were able to give back to the community as they served these children and played games with them. A lesson on giving is priceless.  The blessing of giving is priceless.  Merry Christmas Mafuta!!

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