Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Children in their villages

Two times a year the children have a month long holiday from school.  Most all of the children here have some family in a village in the Caprivi.  So, it is at those holiday times that they go back to visit their family (usually extended).  A few of them do have one parent living but, at the time they were placed here at Zion, they were not able to take care of them for various reasons.  It is this opportunity that reunites the children with relatives, gets them more used to their culture and their tribal/village language (not English) and allows them the opportunity to meet new people and build relationships and hopefully also share the love of Christ with their family and friends. 

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So, we pack up the trailer with the children’s belongings and head out on the road to drop the children.  It takes us 2 days of travel to get everyone delivered. I have to say it is hard to drop them with people that we do not really know and they don’t know them well either.  But, now that they have been doing this for a few times, it seems easier and they are always excited to go and excited to get back:) 

We know it is in their best interest to know their culture and how it is living in a village since that is what they might be doing when they are discharged from Zion.  We also know it is an opportunity for them to go and make disciples.  Most importantly we pray they will make good decisions and let the love of Christ shine through them for others to see and want.

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