Saturday, February 18, 2012

Christmas (after Christmas) at COZV

Since the children go to visit any relatives they have in their villages over the Christmas holiday, they are gone from mid December until mid January.  This means that we celebrate Christmas on Christmas day, but most of the children are not here.  So, when they return, we celebrate Christmas again. 

This year Christmas with all the children was on January 14th.  We all had a nice lunch together with traditional pap, chicken and veggies.  Then the children were sent to their rooms while all the volunteers organized and lined up the gifts under the tree.

P1200706      IMG_6330     P1200722

Once the tree and set up was ready, the children were invited to come to the room and sit on the circle of benches.  Bob and the Mt Zion Team led them is some Christmas songs while Mr and Mrs Claus changed clothes. Then, with the sound of jingle bells, Mr and Mrs Claus came through the door. 


Each child’s name was called and each came to receive their gift.  Smiles and laughter filled the room.


The team from Mt Zion was here and they brought the gifts for the children from their sponsors. Epiphany UMC sent toys and tee-shirts for the children. Dave and Margaret from Australia were here for helping in many ways for 3 months and they brought nice gifts for the children as well. So, the children were very blessed and showered with gifts this year. Thank you to all who contributed in any way to make the day very special for the children.

Merry Christmas from Katima Mulilo Africa!!!

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