Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Village giving

When we came we found some very cute pillow case dresses in a box.  I don’t know if you ever saw pillowcase dresses but they are very cute!   Some ladies from Armstrong Chapel United Methodist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio made them for girls in Africa.  They have a “little dresses” mission to help the girls feel “value and worth.”  We honestly do not know how they got here but we knew they were another blessing from God and that we should pray about how and where to distribute them.  Well, they were either too big or too small for our girls, there were not enough for the girls at Mafuta.  So, we just held onto them and honestly somewhat forgot about them. 


When the Induna (tribal chiefs) came to speak to our children about respect, behavior and importance of an education, we were talking.  A thought came to me that when we delivered some food as a Christmas gift that there were many girls in their villages.  So, we ask them to send the number and age of girls in their families.  Once we had the information, we packaged dresses that we thought would be the right size.  We also pulled out some books that “Real Way Down” brought.  The we took 3 of our children and made our rounds to 4 villages to let our children deliver the gifts.  When they were distributed they were told that we would pray for all the girls that wore the dress and that Jesus loves them. 

P1210093   P1210094   P1210095

Since our children so often receive, we continue to try to teach them that it is often better to give than to receive.  The children were blessed and the families were grateful and very appreciative.  Mateo had a great time standing in the back directing Travis where to turn and swerve to miss the giant holes of mud and water.  We were all cracking up with laughter as we rode (without getting stuck) through the bush!  Thank God for gifts that keep on giving and the joy of laughter. 

We thank God for the ladies in the “little dresses” mission from Armstrong Chapel United Methodist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We only hope that someone from there sees this information since we do not have a form of contact.  God Bless you as you continue to serve Him in His mission to the world!

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