Monday, March 19, 2012

Village Visit

God continues to bless us with relationships and people.  Saturday, March 17, children and leaders from Omega 1 (a village where some of our children come from and go to visit on holidays) came.  They drove 19 people (mostly children) about 3.5 hours “just” to come and dance and visit our village.  It was AWESOME and the children and the leaders were a blessing to all of our children, staff and US!!!  We “danced” with them and gave them some food and they went on their way.

DSC_2008   DSC_2009

DSC_2016         DSC_2015     DSC_2022

DSC_2053    DSC_2089

We pray for you as you go.  We pray for your health and for your safety.  We pray that GOD would touch you and that you would know HIM as your Savior and that you will be saved. 

Blessings from ZION VILLAGE!!!

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