Sunday, March 18, 2012


We were no sooner back from the quick trip to the states for the Global Impact Celebration at our home church and we received a call to come to court to receive new twins.  WOW!!!  Well, are they girls or boys?   How old??  For how long will we have them???  All kind of questions…  Some answers.

Come to the court on Monday 13 Feb to receive twin boys.  They were born early on 8 January and weighed about 1.6kg at birth so they have been at the hospital for one month.  They are now at 2.4 and 2.5kg and ready for discharge.  They will be placed with us “temporarily”.  Not sure if that means a year, 5 years… but we said “yes”!

     P1210165       P1210164       P1210168


Well, now they have been here for a week and we needed to take them for a recheck and shots.  They both now weigh 3kg!!!  They are doing great and they become more and more cute!!!  Yes, they are boys, even in pink!

P1210188      P1210182     P1210184

We love you boys!!!   God, please protect and keep these boys healthy and help everyone that touches them to raise them with YOUR love so that they may grow and love YOU!!!!  AMEN!

DSC_2083      DSC_2077     DSC_2076

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