Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Namibia

On March 21, 2012, we celebrated at Zion the day of Independence for Namibia.  On this day, the country is celebrating 22 years of independence.  Unfortunately, there was not a celebration in town like we experienced the last 2 years but, we had our own celebration at the village.  It started by watching (projecting from the TV) the national coverage of the celebration that was happening about 12 hours away.  During the “air time”, many were busy by the outdoor braii or inside cooking up a storm.  Yummm… we all said when the traditional braii was complete and we all had our hands filled with chicken, pap, potatoes and cabbage.  Never mind a fork and knife here in Africa.  It leaves less dishes to wash. 

DSC_1947  DSC_1950  DSC_1953

We moved the tables out by the river to enjoy the setting of the Zambezi and thank God that we are not flooded!

DSC_1957   DSC_1958  DSC_1959

After lunch, the girls whipped up a big chocolate birthday cake and the celebration continued with singing “Happy Birthday Namibia”.  When the part of “how old are you now” came, they all responded with “she’s 22 years old now”.  The bonus afternoon movie was delayed so all could sing and get a piece of cake. 


We are thankful for the people that served to make this country independent and we are thankful and give God the Glory for the way He has blessed it and continues to bless it.  Thank you God for blessing this nation and it’s leaders and the people in the community and for this village of children and staff at Zion and for all who support this place at such a time as this! 

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