Sunday, May 12, 2013

Church Camp at Zion – 716 campers come!

We are thankful that more people are getting to know about Zion Village.  Although many of them still do not really know what Zion Village is so there is still education needed.  This year some of the youth leaders of the SDA (Seven Day Adventist) church came and ask if they could use the land here to do a youth camp.  Then did a small camp here last year and all was good so we said “sure”.  Later we ask how many people to expect and they said 500!!!  What, camping for 500 youth!!! 

Well, the story is not over because there ended up being 716 campers at Zion Village!!!!!  Campers for JESUS!

It all started with one lonely tent and grew to be Many!!  Boys on one side, girls on the other. 

P1050145   P1050236    P1050259

They came and they came…  Cars, trucks…  Packed with people… Packed with chairs, mattresses, tents, food, cooking pots…  

P1050181    P1050291    P1050178

Each day there was drills (looks kind of like boy and girl scouts and they were also working on badges).  Each day there was lots of pots cooking the food over the open fire.  Lots of fire wood was gathered each day.  Each afternoon was sports/games. 

 P1050185   P1050172    P1050191

Most important, each day was filled with GOD!  Filled with prayers and filled with messages from the leaders that were inspired by God and filled with singing and praising.  We all (staff and us) were able to attend the major message in the mid-day and in the evening.

P1050214   P1050205    P1050240

Then, on Saturday, the Sabbath for SDA, the parents and the rest of the local SDA church people came!  We do not yet have the count but we are certain there was over 1000 here.  Here to worship!  Here to praise GOD!

P1050255     P1050260    P1050265

We are definitely standing on Holy Ground and the presence of the LORD IS ALL around!!!!  Please pray for the youth and the leaders and ALL of our children.  That they should know HIM and Follow HIM and Trust HIM and Live for HIM!!!!  

Then the perfect sunset for a perfect week.  GOD IS SO GOOD!!

          P1050283                 P1050284

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