Saturday, March 13, 2010

Back on US soil

After quite an adventure with Becca as our tour guide, we encountered a very nice safari.
We also attended a Losi festival with dancing, druming and celebration. It was quite delightful.
We are now back on US soil after a long journey and somewhat of a bumpy ride in. After 19 hours in the same plane, we were ready to get off and walk for a while. All connections went well and we are home safe thanks to your prayers and the grace of God.
I see that Becca did not get in by car but had to be transported back to the home via boat after she dropped us off at the airport. You can go to read her blog at and find her blog under the volunteer link - Becca Mason.
They are working at filling sand in the 500 bags that they bought. I wish that we were there to help but I pray that they will not have to evacuate and will be safe to stay put at the home.

I have worked on titles to pictures and will figure out how to post them tomorrow on the photo gallery. For now, I need some sleep in something other than a plane.

Good night and May God continue to bless you!


  1. Thank God for journey mercies.

    Thank you for sharing about the wonderful place that will soon be your home and happy to hear of the blessings you have impacted and have also recieved during this trip!

    You and Travis inspire us all. God bless! Florence Davis

  2. I wont mention how much of our adventures were "illegal" ;-)

    I miss you guys and how you are transitioning well to being away from your new home :-) Glad to hear you got back safetly

  3. haha, make that HOPE you are transitioning well :-P