Monday, March 8, 2010

COZV March 6th continued and 7th

Thank you for your prayers. The guys were able to get the van successfully into town to leave it there because of the rising waters and were able to get back home in the pickup. We also secured a place to evacuate if needed. It is a big field with very high grass that will need to be cut down before tents are sent up. We are very thankful for some where safe to take the kids.

The 8 kids that were going to go see their families in their villages were disappointed today because we did not feel it was safe to take them through the high water. We were concerned that either we wouldn’t get through or we would get out and not get back. The rain continued almost all day. We were finally able to get out late in the afternoon and went for a walk to check out the road and water situation. It was coming up so we will just watch it one day at a time. We also went into the garden to gather fresh corn, tomatoes and okra for dinner (or as our new Australian friends would say, “tea”). Then we took the boat for a test run with another success!
Saturday evening is movie night at COZV! We saw a funny movie that the kids seemed to enjoy. We were able to watch it on the new TV that the kids got for Christmas.

March 7th
What a beautiful day!! Thank God for clear blue sky and sunshine!!
Ray asked Travis and me to do the sermon this morning. We started with prayer by the spiritual tribal leader. Then we sang lots of praise songs (some in English and some in Silozi – the local language). Ray and 2 of the kids played guitar and one on the drum set. A few of the girls led singing for two song and then 4 of the staff ladies sang. WOW! Beautiful music (we will load some of the video when we get home so you can see and hear)!!! There is a lot of talent here!

Ray prayed with Travis and me before we began the service. We were able to tell the kids a little about us and how it was that we were there and our plans for the future. God has really placed these kids and this place and community in our hearts. We really fell in love with the kids on the web site and that was even before we met them. We watched a short video about how God has made us as his masterpiece. Even though it sometimes feels like we do not have a purpose, God does have a plan for us and we are good because we were made by God and we are God’s children. The kids listened intently and then we discussed it after it was over. It was a great morning.

After church we walked to the bridge and some of the kids went fishing. David brought fishing poles and gave some of the interested ones a lesson in baiting the hook and casting the line. The water continue to rise but it is still too early to leave. The kids wanted to go for boat rides so we took turns going around the “loop” with a load of kids. They had a great time (oh, and so did we by the way). Little Josiah (the 1 ½ year old) went on Uncle Travis’s lap. He kept saying “I want to drive the boat.” Sarah (one of the volunteers) spotted a huge hippo across the way. We can certainly hear them but this is the first time we have seen one.

One of the kids had a birthday so we had a cake and sang in the early evening.
The evening was a special time – a Big Bonfire. We were going to do this earlier in the weekend but it was just too wet. Since the day was sunny and beautiful, it worked out perfectly. The kids were dancing and the music was loud and it was a great time.
What a great day it was!!!

Thank you for your prayers! We have been safe and healthy and have been blessed by the kids, the staff and the volunteers as well as people that we have met in the community.


  1. I have just caught up with your story and am just amazed that you are a world away beginning your new life! We will continue to pray for you and for your weather. Kristin

  2. It all sounds wonderful! Like an incredible adventure but one that you will be living on a daily basis! Have a safe return home.