Thursday, March 4, 2010

COZV March 3rd

We had an exciting morning, a rainy afternoon and I had a spa this evening.
OK, let me explain. This morning Ray, Travis and I went into a nearby village to help one of the people bring corn (maize) into town. We were definitely off road and back in the bush. There was tons of mud and water because of the rain and the flooding situation. We stopped short of the final destination because the water really looked too deep (more than a couple of feet) for us to get through and not stall out and be stuck in the middle of the water. The person that we were coming to help felt certain that we could get through and encouraged Ray to continue. I was in the front and Travis and our new friend from the village, Martin were in the back of the pickup truck. Ray fired it up and we just prayed we would make it and we did!! We loaded up a few big pile of fresh picked corn and headed back into town. The off road was deep with water, deep with mud and very bumpy but the grace of God and Ray’s expert driving got us through.

This afternoon it poured down rain (not that we need any) and tonight it is pouring down rain again! The river was up 4” since yesterday and has been going up about 4-5” a day. Not good but we are trusting that God is good and He will provide either dry weather (here and Angola which is where it is flowing from) or a safe shelter for the kids and staff and volunteers.

Travis and I spent some time with the kids at the soccer field. First the girls played and then the boys played. The younger kids did not play so we “played” with them. Some of the shyness is wearing off quickly (especially with the little ones but not so much with the older ones).

I was able to use some of my professional knowledge today when one of the oldest boys was complaining of back pain. Margret took him to the hospital and spent the entire day there (which is just what happens here in Africa. There are no appointments so you go and wait in line after line). He was told to see a physical therapist but the in town one was out of town, so guess what? Auntie Lorna let’s see what you can do. We will see after a couple of days how it goes. Please pray for pain relief for Disco.

Tonight was very exciting for Auntie Lorna. I went to read a story to the younger girls (and Josiah and Jonathan) but really it was spa night. They cream just about every part of exposed skin including the inside of my sandals. Josiah was really into combing my hair (he is the 1 ½ year old) but did give a couple of the other kids turns. Some of the little boys were asking for Uncle Travis so I think he will have the experience tomorrow evening!

God Bless you all! You are the best and we appreciate your support and prayers.

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