Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our last night in Namibia (for now)

Well, we have had a great visit and have met so many wonderful people. Everyone has been so kind and have been so helpful with teaching us so many new things (that we are expected to remember for the next 6 months until we return).

We had a great meeting with the Sukudo Village leaders yesterday. They are so appreciative to the work and relationship building that Ray and Becca have started. We are excited to continue to grow this relationship and partnership. This relationship is critical to the success of the kids and the Children of Zion Village.

Last night Margret, Sarah and a couple of the girls organized a wonderful dinner for Ray, Travis and I before we leave. We had some of the traditional African dishes and it was quite good. We ate with all of the kids and they were very kind and seem anxious to have us back.

This morning (March 10th) we went into town. We needed to get a modem for the computer so we have better connection when we get back. Now we have a bank account and a modem. We are almost citizens!! We ran some other errands and had a nice trip to the open market and craft store. We bought some fresh fish that they thread through the gill with a reed and that is the way that you carry the fish from the market.

We had a great staff meeting this afternoon with the 3 managers. They are really wonderful and we look forward to working with them and learning from them.

The river is rising – Still!! The bridge had a "leak". Remember the bridge is concrete but also sand. Potentially we will not get over the bridge in the morning so if not, we will take the boat. We are pretty sure that they will have to travel back and forth by boat for supplies before the river crests but we are praying that the kids will not have to be evacuated.

Just to be clear, we are leaving in the morning because we are going to the airport with Ray because his flight is tomorrow. We are really not leaving until Friday at 1:00 (6am your time) but the drive from the Children's home to the airport is over 2-3 hours so this will save them from doing 2 trips. We are staying overnight at a lodge and will have the time to visit the beautiful Victoria Falls.

We cannot wait to fill you in with the details and most of all share the pictures and videos.

Thank you for your prayers!! You are the best and we cannot do this without you!!

Please continue to pray about the river situation and that we can get out over the bridge in the morning and that the kids do not need to evacuate. Also please pray for Ray and he travels back to Maryland tomorrow (Thursday) and for our travel Friday. We will be back into Atlanta around 11:00am on Saturday. Love you and God Bless!

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