Saturday, March 6, 2010

COZV March 4th and 5th Adventures

Wednesday night and Thursday it rained almost all the time with just a few breaks in the rain. We went into town to run several errands with some of the staff. We are learning more and more of where to go to do what and the details (like all of the taxes need to be paid with the exact amount of cash.)

Early in the afternoon the girls (Margret, Sarah and myself) went behind the barn to the garden. We picked fresh butternut pumpkins, tomatoes and lemons. When we got back we worked on the peeling of the squash for soup and Margret made fresh lemon pie that we had with ice cream. We also had kudo which is a type of big antelope. It was very tender and tasted great!

Prior to dinner we went to the transition house to help. We had an opportunity to visit more one on one with the kids there. My patient came over for his back treatment and the good news is it is feeling better!

On Friday Margret, Becca and I took 4 kids to the hospital. This is where they go for any outpatient visit. It was an interesting visit and experience and I am glad that I went so I will know what to expect when I have to do this when I come back. All of the kids have their own health record that they (we) take along for the visit. It was interesting that they did not write in any other chart other than this little folded record that they child must bring each time. So, you wait outside on a bench where you sit in order that you arrived. You slide up and around the bench until it is your turn to register. Then you move to another outside area and wait for the doors to open (of course we were there very early). Once the doors are open you stand in line and wait to be weighed. Then you sit on benches – in order of your number that you got there – and when it is your turn you go up to a table and get your temperature and blood pressure taken. Then you sit back in the same order on the bench and wait to get in to see the nurse. Then the nurse will tell you what consult room to wait outside of based on what your symptoms are. Then you wait in line there until the doctor comes and it is your turn. If you have a prescription from the doctor you go to the pharmacy to get the medications and you wait in line there. So we were there about 7 and home about 1. It did give me some time to spend with one of the 16 year olds that was the first girl at the home. So, she has been through a lot of transition and it was interesting to listen to her and her perspective. She also had a little sister that passed away at the home. She is a sweet and beautiful girl with a lot of potential so I know that with the grace of God she will be successful in life.

Travis and David had an exciting morning as they traveled to help transport some meat to one of the staff member's houses. Well, little did they know that they would witness the slaughter and the butchering of the cow! It is captured on video and pictures.

Once we returned we had a quick lunch and headed back out with Ray to speak to the Parish Priest to see if he would allow the children and staff to evacuate to their property if needed. He did not say "no" so that is a blessing. He will meet with his council to see if they will approve the situation. Keep praying please that we would be able to secure a safe place for evacuation. We know that God has a plan and we need to be patient until he reveals it to us. Ray and Jenny (the guardian for the children) will return tomorrow morning to meet with him again. We were scheduled to meet with the Social Worker but he ended up in the western Caprivi Strip helping with some evacuations.

We plan to take 8 kids back into their villages to visit family tomorrow. This is exciting for them and we are excited to see where the kids are from and meet any family they have in this area. Please pray for a safe trip and a blessed visit for the kids and families.

As I type this note, it is pouring rain – again!! Within the next few days we will most likely have to move the cars closer to town because of a dirt bridge that we have to cross where the water is getting high. After we do that we will go in and out of the village by boat. I assume that at the rate the river is rising that we will be leaving the village to go to the airport via boat.

We continue to thank God for these great kids the wonderful staff and the blessings that we have encountered each day. We also thank God for your interest in this ministry and your prayers and support. We pray that you will be blessed because of what is happening in Katima Malilo because of the love and grace of God.

March 6th:

We were up at 5 to administer meds and get on the road however, it rained all night. We do not think that we will get through the roads with the van (which we need to take 8 kids) so we will not be able to go. The river has been going up about 4-5" a day and from yesterday to today it went up 8".

The guys are heading to town to try to get the van through so they can leave it out of the village. They are also taking the truck so if the van gets stuck they can try to pull it out. We will keep the pick up truck inside the village for transport around here.

Yep – we will definitely be leaving via boat on Thursday! God is providing us with the adventures and experience that will no doubt be useful later in our ministry here.

To be continued after we see what unfolds today.

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