Friday, January 28, 2011

I don’t think that we introduced you to Wally. Well, Wally is our new Wart Hog friend. No, he does not live with us but we did meet him one time a while back ago and never introduced him so, meet Wally!

One thing that I know that we told you and that is THE RIVER IS RISING!! They say it is twice as high as before. We are beginning flood planning.

We also plan to start making hundreds of sand bags this week. It won’t keep the water out but it will help it not to rush in (depending on how high it really gets!) We are praying for the rains to STOP but if we must leave we pray for a safe and “reasonable” place to go and for safety and good health.

Saturday we had a great day with our children. We only have the pickup truck that can get through the road now so Travis had to make several trips to take 49 of our athletes to the sports complex in town. They had a great day of competition started with devotion given by Travis about Christian athletes and dedication to run the life that God has given you to run. Train hard and give your best at all things that you do so as to do it for the Lord.

They competed against themselves (this time) and it included foot races, long jump, shot put, and discus throw.

We took lunch for them so they had a break and lunch and went back at it. The day concluded because it started to RAIN!!! In the morning it was beautiful and sunny and some of us became sunburn and then the clouds let loose and the wind picked up and everyone got wet and cold. When you ride wet in the back of a pickup, it is even colder.
THEN, the truck got stuck in the road. Lesson learned: do not slow down and stop for cows crossing the road!!!

God sent a man to pull out the truck. Interesting, it is a man we see all the time when walking the road and we always wave and he NEVER waves or smiles or looks. Now, he comes to rescue us from trouble!! PERFECT!!!! Many now have colds and allergies. The colds had already started but the rain and cold did not help the situation. Please be in prayer for the health concerns.

Last Wednesday we had a visit from another government group, The Parliamentary. They interviewed the managers and us, the directors. They toured the facility. They were VERY impressed! They said the place was cleaner than most and they were impressed with the children as they gave a little musical performance. The ladies LOVED the 2 baby girls, Liseli and Nsala. We are excited about these people and pray this will bring us some much needed assistance with the transition of the children and well as further education financial assistance as well as flood planning.

This Wednesday we presented at the governors meeting with a whole room full of council members. We presented the emergency situation of flooding here at the village and we pleaded for help to find safe grounds to move our children and also assistance with things such as tents, sanitation, toilets, water and food. We also picked up 300 bags for sand and will start the work on these immediately. We will need to return for more but this will give us a start.

We took the baby for her routine shots. We told her to tell her sister Nsala that she was going to town. She was worn out after her big town trip but she did great and was very good!


Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 
1 Thessalonizns 5:16-18

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