Saturday, January 8, 2011

We've Got KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The music is LOUD!!!! There is screaming and laughing and storytelling and many knocks at our door. OUR CHILDREN ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have had a busy week of picking up kids. Too bad we don’t have a BIG bus so we could get most of them at the same time. It took 4 trips and there are still 7 that are not back.

Both of our cars were in the shop. The day before the pickup, the van (which was most important for these trips) was fixed. Just in God’s perfect timing to get food for the children Wednesday and pick them up Thursday. (These are a few pictures of the children with their family/ relative in their villages.)


The first day was very successful and we got several from far away and were still able to do a few more trips to villages that were close. We started at 7am and ended the transport about 8pm. Dinner and bed were great after that! That got us to about 44 children. It was a LONG Thursday that included a trip to the emergency room (since it was after hours) for one of the teachers on staff. He was so sick he could hardly walk. Please pray for healing for him.

Friday started with a 6am pick up. This trip was the longest in distance.
All WAS going great until the last stop for kids.

Then the TIRE WAS FLAT!! There was not a spare and not a jack!!!!

 A call came to the village. Travis had gone with Jenny because there was not room for Lorna and all of the kids. So, Elton (the one staff member that has a car) “happened” to drive that day as he often rides his bike. He took Lorna to Ed’s (the mechanic) to pick up the other pickup truck that was JUST READY THAT DAY!!! So, you don’t think that God’s timing is perfect???? This is only one perfect example that His timing IS perfect! We got the car, the spare tire and the jack and started on the long drive to meet the broken down van. They were VERY happy to see a tire to fix the problem.

We had not of on looking “help.”

All is good, all are safe and we are on the road again. We arrive back to the village before dark!!! Praise God for the cars being fixed on time, no one was hurt and all are back safe!!!!

We will have some hospital visits next week for children that need some care. Please pray for the children as they return to the village as well as the staff; for respect, appreciation, love, patience, kindness and good health. May we do everything to glorify God and give Him thanks in ALL things!

Tomorrow is our Christmas with the children!!! We will have a Christmas service, songs, gifts and food!!! Fun for all (especially those 2 that will be dressing up in a red suit!!! ) Come and join us if you can! You are always welcome!

Praise God from whom all Blessings Flow!!!!

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  1. That is a classic Likuwa face! I love all of the pictures and miss the kids so very much! Chris left this morning and I can tell that everything is going to start hitting me more now that he is gone. I wish I could give all of you BIG hugs!