Monday, January 17, 2011

Back at the Village

It has been a busy week in the village. The children are back and school has started. Most were excited about getting started back to school but, of course, not all. We are blessed with a volunteer who is teaching kindergarten. She will make a huge impact on these young lives and we are grateful for her and her willingness to spend 7-12 each morning with 7 young ones. Yes, this can be a challenge but what a blessing. I bet these little ones will remember her forever! I am pretty old and I still remember my kindergarten teacher so I would say she made an impact on my life.

We have had some challenges since the children have returned from their villages but rules are in place and they are “coming around.” We were proud to see the older ones out Saturday morning doing their own laundry and hanging up on the additional clothes lines that were added this week for their use. A couple of them learned that you cannot put the reds with the whites especially if they are new clothes from the USA.

We have been working to get 5 learners ready to go “away” for school. Once they are ready for the 10th grade, we are not registered here to teach that grade so they go and board at schools in the area. We have 3 different schools for 5 children so we have continued our learning process of what they need to do to get in, what they need to bring and when they need to be there. Since there are no lists provided, we have learned “the hard way” I afraid. So, we are making a list so that next time we are more prepared, although each school is a little different. Sunday we will spend quite a bit of time dropping everyone off since this is the “report” day and they will start school on Monday.
Please pray for these learners as they enter into a different environment. We pray they will become friends with the right people, be good Christian leaders, ask God for wisdom in decision making and be successful in their studies.

This week our power was out for almost 24 hours. Well this really wouldn’t be so bad except everything in the freezer starts to defrost and the water began to run across our floor. Then after about 6 hours we discovered that we had NO water because the power supply keeps the water pumping up from the river into the filters. So, no water to drink, to flush, to wash dishes, do laundry, all of the things that we use water for that we take for granted. What to do??
Well, the river is right here and the water keeps rising so let’s get water from the river. Of course, we would not drink it before it was boiled but we could not boil it because we did not have power.

Challenges? They make us stronger and remind us to rely on God because He will provide and He will give us wisdom and He will never leave us. Today, we have power and we enjoying the water and the coffee never tasted better (both because we had hot water and because our friend Patti sent us French Vanilla Creamer -  THE BEST)!

Please pray for the rains all around the area to STOP.  It will be a miracle if we do not have to evacuate with our 59 children as the river is rising right before our eyes!  The road in and out of the village is difficult and will, in time, be impassable. 

We Praise God for all of the Blessings and Challenges that He sends our way! 
We are thankful to be in Africa and for your prayers, support, encouragement and LOVE! 
This is NOT about us.  It is about HIM!

Give God the Glory and Praise!! 

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