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Christmas at COZV, January 9, 2010

Sunday January 9th was the day that we celebrated Christmas here at Zion Village. The children have just returned from visiting their villages and were excited to see each other and have a Christmas party. Now, tomorrow they start back to school and I cannot say they are so excited about that!
Sunday started with a wonderful worship service led by Travis. He reinforced why we celebrate Christmas and the REAL meaning of Christmas. Although we all like to receive gifts, we have already received the Greatest Gift of all and we need to continue to give thanks each day for the gift of our Savior Jesus Christ.

After service the children were instructed to go to their rooms. During this time we moved all of the boxes of gifts from our house to the children’s home and organized them under the tree. We also move in the new furniture and placed it in the main room. THEN, we changed into our RED SUITS!!! OK, we would have never imagined that we would be wearing such an outfit. God has a wonderful sense of humor, most of the time! During this time the braii (barbeque) was cooking and there was good chicken and sausage nearly ready for lunch!


Once we were “ready” the bell was heard and the children rushed to the main room. They sat on the benches after some needed to find their name on a gift under the tree. Some came up to “bother” Santa but since he is a jolly old guy, it was all fun!

We sang some Christmas carols including Joy to the World. Then the names of the children were called, youngest to oldest, and they came to receive their gift. No one was told to “open” or to wait but they tended to wait and then the tearing began! It was Great! They were excited, appreciative and had a great time opening and seeing what gift was given especially for them.



Even new furniture was tried out by each of the children (and staff too!)


Watches!!!???  You mean I have to be on time???!!!  Uggg oh!!!  Uncle Travis, could you set this to the right time for me? 
After gift opening was a wonderful lunch that many were involved in preparing! Chicken, Sausage, rice with sauce and potato salad. Then came the home baked cookies!!!


Thank you to all who played a role in contributing Christmas gift to these wonderful children!!!!!!

You are a gift from GOD and we appreciate YOU!!! May God Bless you for your partnership in this ministry in Namibia to care for these children!


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