Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mafuta Preschool joins Zion preschool for learning and fun!

As you have read, Children of Zion supports a local feeding center by taking food each week.  We have also been blessed to be able to help the preschool there with some supplies.  The preschool has grown significantly and last year we invited them to join the Zion preschool for a day.  This year they have been asking and asking when they could come again.  During the flood time it was impossible to transport them but now the road is very dry.  So, we set a date and the planning began.  It started with songs and fun inside. 

P1060267  P1060256    P1060263

Over 50 beautiful faces everywhere!!

P1060260       P1060275      P1060281

P1060283    P1060290    P1060351

After songs and dance and a video about loving others and being kind, we moved to the tables for coloring “Love your neighbors as yourself” and a snack.  Some did not know what an apple was but they really enjoyed them.

              P1060270       P1060310

Then, outside to the river.  Many have not seen the river even though we see it everyday.  When the teacher teaches about the fish and boats in the river they cannot understand, but when they see it then they can really know.  After talking about the river and the fish and God’s creation, we played some games. 

P1060318    P1060324   P1060336

Time to load the 3 cars to return the children.  What an awesome blessing these beautiful lives were!!  Already cannot wait to see them again!

P1060360   P1060363    P1060366   P1060364

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