Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Get Ready, Get Set, GO!!!

On June 22, 2013 we entered our children and ourselves into a road race.  Now, we have to say that we never thought we would be running in a road race in Africa.  We do a lot of “running” but mostly it is chasing children :)  There is a private school near our village.  They were doing a fund raiser.  The couple that was heading up the race (fund raiser) are friends of ours.  So, when we saw them they told us about the event and they offered to sponsor us and our children.  WOW!!!  We are so blessed to be a part of the community. 

So, the training began.  We would go out every afternoon at 4pm and run the sandy road.  The children really got into it.  We feared they would start and then slowly drop out but most of them stayed the course!!! 

Then, race day came.  Up at 5:30am to get to the early registration.  We loaded the car and everyone wore red shirts so we could see each other nicely. 

          P1050868            P1050877

There were 3 different races.  Many of the young ones ran in the 1.5K.   We had a first place girl and a 3rd place boy in their age group!!  Yeah Elisa and Gideon!!! 

P1050904  P1050941  P1050937

In the 18 – 50 category, Rebecca, our volunteer, took second!!  Yeah Rebecca!!!


In the over 50 category, Travis took second and Lorna took FIRST!!!  BUT, Lorna was the only woman running that was over 50, so it was a default, But at least she ran and finished!!!!   Everyone that won got a cash prize.  We plan to have a nice party for all of Zion in the near future. 

               P1050955       P1050956

Another fun part of the day was that it was Maria’s Birthday.  She turned 8 and had a great celebration day!


We were so lucky to have Whistle the Clown attend the race with us:)  She brought lots of laughter and fun for everyone!!!


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