Thursday, July 11, 2013

Saturday morning fish

Early on Saturday morning (6am) we left to head to “the other side” of the river where they come in each day with fresh fish.  We have no trouble buying fresh fish in the market but these people that come right in from the river sell it much cheaper than taking it to the market.  People go there and buy it cheap then come back and obviously sell it for a profit in the market.  Even though I am not a fan of getting up so early on a Saturday, we enjoyed the breathtaking beauty of the sunrise in God’s creation. 

             P1060112            P1060119

We waited for a while and became a bit worried because all of the canoes seemed to be going out and we did not see any coming in.  Then, at last, there was a canoe.  He saw us and came our way.  He had many big fish and some small ones as well.  We wanted both sizes but he would only sell the big ones.  He was saying that the small ones “go to the boss.” 

P1060128    P1060137    P1060139

So we bought huge fish.  Ones that we would have paid N$20 - N$25 in the market and we got them for N$10.  So with the good exchange rate right now, that is ONE US dollar per fish that will easily feed 2 people!!!  Needless to say we bought many and came home and cleaned fish for hours.  Some were so fresh they were still flopping around.  They are delicious!!!!  We now have fish that are cleaned waiting in the freezer for the next meal.  

                P1060121               P1060135

WE thank God for the safety, His beauty and providing very affordable and delicious fish!!!!! 

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