Friday, July 12, 2013

Cooking fun!

We started a program where one time a month the children make the menu, shop for the groceries, cook, serve and clean up for the evening meal.  They are divided into groups of four per group so that everyone can participate. 

Last week the menu was chicken burgers, pasta with tomato sauce and mayo and ice cream. 

P1060177    P1060178   P1060195

The cooks this week were Emelia, Efa, Hilda and Marsela.  They did an excellent job and our stomachs were very satisfied. 

P1060199          P1060202         P1060207

Usually Saturday night is family night which includes a movie or games.  We always have a nice time spending this time with the children.  We decided that when we do this cooking night one Saturday a month that the children should prepare a program.  So, the small boys that live in the family style home will prepare and the children that are still in the children’s home will prepare.  This was a blast.  They sang, dances, recited scripture, and even did a couple of small dramas. 

P1060107    P1060210      P1060211

P1060216  Even the smallest of the small got up to dance!   P1060215

Be happy!!  Yes, leap for joy!!  For a great reward awaits you in heaven.  Luke 6:23

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